Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!! I hope your week has been fantastic. We've had some wins and some losses (literally, G's school had to straight throw away 2 pairs of underwear), but overall, it's been a good one.  The randomness of this post will probably be absurd, but our life is just pretty random right now.

I'm linking up with my usual, Narci and company for Friday Favorites!
1) Even though my body isn't super ready, I'm mentally ready to break out the spring wardrobe..shorts, sandals, tanks! I still love jeans and boots and such, but honestly, shorts and tees are just easier with a child. So I'm embracing my pale un-toned legs and going for it. I've had some really good luck at my favorite consignment shop, Closet Revival lately.  I scored some presh cutoff denim J CREW shorts last week and a cute top this week. I think I've mentioned this store before, but what I've failed to point out is the kid friendly play corner.  YES YES YES. G had the best time while I browsed without a toddler on my hip or dangerously hanging out of a buggy. 

2) Speaking of shorts season.....J and I are trying to eat healthier. (Besides the powdered donuts, chips and Coke we inhaled Easter weekend.) To date, he's lost 10 pounds and I've lost 2.5. Doesn't that just make me wanna cuss. How is that? Anyway, I know it's something about percentage and whatever but still...we're eating the SAME THING. Blows my mind. Nevertheless, I've really fallen in love with the "One Pan Wonder" recipes.  This week we did pork chops (I dashed them with some salt and pepper, rosemary, and panko bread crumbs) surrounded by green beans and cherry tomatoes. (I did roll the veggies around in some olive oil and salt and pepper.) Bake at 375 for about 35 minutes and that's YOU'RE ENTIRE MEAL. Pull up the foil after you're done and THAT'S YOUR CLEANUP. YES PLEASE.

You can use this same principle with any meat and vegetables! I've done chicken & brussel sprouts, small steaks with squash and zucchini....the options are really endless!  

We also did Pan Sheet Fajitas, which were SO EASY and delicious. Greyson loves standing on his stool and "helping" me chop veggies. (I give him a butter knife.) You can find the recipe here at the Laughing Spatula. 

3) This week a NEW Dirt Cheap location opened in Allen!!! If you haven't heard of Dirt Cheap, it's a store that buys overstock inventory from great stores like Target, Gap, etc, and sales them usually 50% off or more! My hubby raised an eyebrow when I told him I shared this store on the blog last time but...I'm sorry...I have no shame. I love a deal, and seriously. Target has some DARLING stuff lately. The world celebrates Chip and Joanna's discount shopping strategy, so THERE.

G ended up the winner of our Dirt Cheap run....he picked out a Paw Patrol helmet, a Monster Jam truck (duh), and some shoes that look just like Natives.  

He's like a 2 year old Junk Gypsy. 
4) And ya'll. This child this week. He's hilarious. He sweet. Then he's WILD. And rude. Then he's having a tantrum over a graham cracker. He's so independent. But in the next instant he's literally like a monkey on my back. The he's a cherub. He's really sorting out all his emotions. 

But he's melting my heart. This week at Nordstrom Rack he was in the buggy and said "I want a hug." Then after a big hug..."I want a kiss"....Y'ALL. I was a PROUD mama and hoped that EVERYONE WAS LOOKING at how SWEET my son was.  

Then 4 minutes later I let him out of the buggy and he TOOK OFF in the shoe department with a show I was {trying} to try on and I was chasing him barefoot. Then I was hoping that NOBODY WAS WATCHING at how disobedient my son was.  Parenting is humbling if nothing else. 

We've also had a few moments this week where I've been blown away at how much G is perceiving, listening and remembering. We had our first actual "conversation" over dinner, where he legitimately answered my questions about what he did that day, who his favorite teacher is, and what his favorite thing is on the playground. Then today, he grabbed a little foot stone today and said: "It's a stone. Jesus rolled the stone away!" Now, we talk about Jesus a lot, but I haven't specifically mentioned the stone rolling away. He's really bringing that home from school, which made my heart burst.  But also made me realize I've really got to pick up my game.  

Growing up is exhausting. ; ) 
5) After a week full of highs and lows and wild mini-man tantrums, it was so good to end my week at The Nest ministry....coincidentally today was Part 2 of a Discipline talk. (You can listen to Part 1 here). I snapped this pick of a chart that describes the difference of punishment and discipline; I thought it was very helpful. 

After a morning where I raised my voice a little too high at G for needing to go to the potty, I needed a reminder that this mission of motherhood has kingdom goals and eternal impacts.  I've got to start thinking this way more.  But it was ALSO good to hear some stories of other moms who've had many of those moments too...that may have included bribery and some yelling. ; ) 

Okay! So we're off to eat Mexican tonight! Mama doesn't cook and we don't diet on Friday! So bring on the cheese dip and chocolate cookies! Hope y'all have a great weekend! 


  1. I'm all about the one pan meals lately too! So easy and I love that there aren't many dishes to wash! I hear you on the weigh thing! My husband needed some new suits for work, so we went to the store last week, and the man fitting him said, "Men typically lost 6-7 pounds every summer just due to the heat."

    Um, really?!?! Life is not fair!!!

    1. WHAT?!!! Just the heat. Really. That means I should be 20 pounds lighter solely due to night sweats!!! ; ) I'd LOVE any one pan meal ideas you have! I need more in the rotation!