Monday, April 3, 2017

March Madness

Howdy folks! We've marked March off the calendar and I can't believe it's already April! Is anybody else still having problems writing 2017? Anyway, April is already starting out with a BANG, because we started potty training this weekend (on April FOOLS Day if that gives you any idea...).

I'll sure you'll get to hear all about that later. For now, I'll recap March....

We kicked off March with a big trip to the Magnolia State! We had a great time with friends and family. We did everything from zoo trips, to metal detecting, to dance recitals, to tractor riding, to declaring my own "Professional Development Day."

You can read all about our Spring Break trip here

We got back to Dallas and immediately went to one of our favorite joints for some Peanut Butter Pie with Daddy.

We took selfies on the playground.....

And went to the park. 

Hope Park in Frisco is one of our favorites!
We lived out of ice chests for 4 days when our fridge kicked the bucket...

Which also happened to be the same week Jeremie was out of town. ALWAYS when the hubbys are out of town. 
During said week, Greyson and I ate lots of peanut butter jelly and chips.  We were over it one day and finally went to this cute little cafe I've been wanting to try.  Pretty sure Greyson gave it five stars. It took him a better part of his day to choose which treat he wanted.  

I'm pretty sure this charming little tea and coffee cafe had never seen a Monster truck balance on a sippy cup so successfully. #boylife
Greyson's little school had "Western Wear Week"....SO TEXAS and SO cute. Makes me wonder though, do schools in like, Alaska have "Eskimo Wear Week?" Because essentially that'd be the same premise. Nevertheless, I love a theme and my little cowboy was adorable. He goes two days, so we of course had to have two looks!

I'm obsessed with his facial expression in this pic. Please caption to your liking.
When Daddy returned, we hit up some Mexican (finally found WHITE QUESO here!) and then I needed to slip into Tom Thumb to grab my Friday night cookies.  They aren't fancy.  In fact, they're $3.50 break and bake cookies, but they are divine! The boys went in with me and spotted a Dak Prescott jersey, mini football, ice cream, and trail mix. And FIFTY-THREE DOLLARS later, we left. 

It's shocking how much product you can actually fit in the mini-buggy. This is why I grocery shop ALONE.
On Saturday, my neighbor threw the MOST ADORABLE fire truck birthday party.  (Greyson was in the spirit with his fireman boots and jacket from Halloween.) And I'm almost hesitant to post these pictures because I pretty much want to copy every single thing about this darling party! Look at this precious little table! That's one way to get kids to sit and eat! Put a firetruck at their spot!

She had this huge chalk house mounted on the wall and the kids "put the fire out" with Silly Streamer. The adults may or may not have participated too. ; ) 

Then we walked to the fire station that is close to our neighborhood (weather was gorgeous) and the firemen gave us a full tour of the station, the trucks, their gear, etc. Greyson was ENTRANCED. 

And I am obsessed with these pictures.  Holding a real fireman hose was PURE JOY for this little guy. 

If only Monday morning would have brought as many smiles.....

This enormous tantrum began IN the Kroger over a graham cracker. No kidding.
I talk a lot about our Wednesday morning Bible Study, and this week, I just had to peek in to see what little guy was doing. I was shocked to find him calmly sitting in his seat with his hands in his lap waiting on his snack. These ladies are angels. 

On Friday morning, we headed Downtown because the Lady Bulldogs were playing in the Final Four tournament and they had a really fun area called "Tourney Town" open to the public.  We had a free morning and I knew we were about to be stuck in the house for 3 days doing potty training. We had a great time! 

Greyson thought he was hot stuff on the basketball court.

As we were leaving, we were interviewed by the news station. And listen.  I'm usually ALL UP for this. I have no fear for cameras or speaking. (Shocker, I know.) But by this point, it was 85 degrees and we were sweaty, it was lunch/nap time, and Greyson needed a diaper change.  He was totally eating a fig newton as I was being interviewed with his sunglasses sliding down his nose. I'm pretty sure I was completely distracted because by the end of my statement about how the Bulldogs were "totally gonna win", said fig newton was sliding down the back of my shirt.  I skimmed through the news coverage and never saw our lovely faces.  #outtakes  

Despite the 111 game winning record of UCONN, the Bullddogs DID "totally win" in a buzzer beater and played in the National Championship game on Sunday! (Which sadly, they lost.) 

That night we left Mr. Tinypants with his "Aunt Helen" (our realtor turned Texas mama) and headed to eat Mexican with friends.  Afterwards we attended a Night Easter Egg Hunt for adults only! It was at the Heritage Farmstead Museum and we had SO much fun! This thing was serious! There were rules, some big prizes, and I could tell some people had been before and had a good strategy.  They handed out egg cartons so we were limited to 12 eggs.  In the end, we ended up with mainly freebies and candy, but we had a blast anyway! 

While we were in line, somehow my college job (as a cotton field worker) came up and our buddies were totally "pickin" on me.  (Pardon the pun.) When we got to the front to cash in our eggs, they saw this "Cotton Club" picture and laughed saying how funny would it be if I won it.....

Well guess who DID win it?! 

I told them I at least had to come pick out the place in their home where they would hang it. We laughed so hard!
And that was March y'all! On to April and storms and Easter and caramel filled Cadbury eggs! My favorite season! ; )

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