Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playing Catch Up....

Since my blog still has a Easter background, I figured it was time to update!  My friend, Melissa, and I were talking yesterday about when we were "little girls" keeping diaries, we'd always write:  "Dear Diary, SO SORRY it's been so long since I've written!"  This cracked us up, because, in essence, who were we really writing to???....but I'm glad to know there is someone with the same diary mentality as me. Maybe there's some "Diary Fairy" out there somewhere, just longing for us to update the little frilly notebooks we kept under our mattress.  (It's not there anymore, Mom...don't go looking.)

Anyway-so last weekend we traveled to Mississippi as Jeremie was serving as a groomsmen in Josh Jefcoat's wedding.  Jeremie and Josh met at Jones and have been great friends ever since.  The wedding was in Newton, about 20 minutes from Kelly, so we stayed with her and Keith for the weekend.  It was GREAT to spend some time with her and catch up.  In true Mississippi form, we hung out at the creek, and took the dogs, so Manny had his first creek experience & swimming lesson.  He LOVED it and was covered in sand, and proud of it.

The wedding was beautiful....I thought I was going to be a wallflower since I didn't know much of the wedding party, but I ended up seeing all kinds of people I knew.  I never get tired of going to weddings because I love to see all the different ways of decorating and such.  This tailgating spin of the Groom's Cake/area was ADORABLE.

The Dynamic Duo.....

I always think that going to weddings is going to make me jealous that mine has already taken place, but to the contrary-it just reminds me of how perfect our day was for us and how much I loved the little touches it had.  Okay-so maybe I'm a little jealous of wearing the pretty dress, but what girl wouldn't want to do that again?

The rest of the week was full of hard work as usual, but I had my eye on the prize for Thursday......the CHOCOLATE PARTY that I hosted at the house.  The Women's Ministry at our church has a group called "Cuisine Queens" and we alternate eating out and cooking at someone's house each month.  Whoever's home it's being held usually gets to picks the theme...we've done appetizer theme, soup theme, squash theme....well, it's no secret what my favorite food is, so I established a long time ago that chocolate would be the featured ingredient at my home! The party was a blast and we had soups with cocoa in them, cupcakes galore, and even a salad that was covered in CHOCOLATE balsamic vinegarette.  Now I could become a vegetarian for that!

This long weekend has beem long awaited and we have spent some good times with friends. Friday evening we took cheeseburgers to our friends Ben & Adriana, who was admitted into the hospital earlier this week with some complications to her pregnancy.  She was due in July, but ended up having to deliver the baby last night, but the good news is baby and mama are happy & healthy.  We can't wait to meet Baby Sofia.  And we are sure our cheeseburgers are the culprit......she's been in the hospital since Tuesday, we show up Friday with cheeseburgers and has the baby the next day.

Another incredible event happened yesterday...... wait for it.....I went to the NEW HOBBY LOBBY!  There are no words for how excited I was.  My scrapbooking obsession can now be fed.  While a few of us girls attended this grand event, the husbands went fishing, who regularly sent us photos and videos of the fish they were catching and their encounters with the alligators.  I wonder if they would care if we sent them photos of the scrapbook aisle and videos of the fabric department???

Church was great today, with an incredible message from John 12. Church was followed by a Sunday nap, Taylor family style:  get in bed and just hibernate.  I probably wasted a good part of the day, but it was worth it.  Mom, Dad, thank you for instilling the "Sunday Nap" gene in me.  If anything, it helps me to keep the Sabbath holy.  : )

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