Sunday, May 29, 2011

Run for the Roses!

I'm backing up to a few weekends ago to our trip to Thomasville for the Rose Show.  Thomasville apparently is the Rose Capitol, so we figured we'd check it out.  There was also a car show, which Jeremie most enjoyed.  I went into the tent with that held the "rose contest".  There were so many beautiful flowers, but my favorite was a pink one, called "Hot Princess".  Imagine that.  : )  

Another recent "rose event"  was the Run for the Roses party our church had Mother's Day weekend. The Thursday before, Melissa, Patty & I had a "hat making party" at the house, which was so fun.  The dining room table was full of feathers, flowers, and rhinestones.  (Jeremie chose to be out of town that night.) 

Mom and Amy came that weekend, so it was a blast to get all dolled up.  I entered my Key Lime pie into the pie contest, and as delicious as it looks, I didn't go home with a ribbon.  : (  

All the ladies really got into it and there were so many pretty hats.....Mom actually got a few votes for her!  Next year I'm going to have to step it up.  

The Taylor Girls

Me, Patty, Melissa

  Katie Parrish, Me, Tiffany

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