Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 8...ISH...

I feel like I'm behind on my Summer O Fun posts, but honestly, the weeks are getting a little fuzzy and running together. The shiny-ness of the bucket list is fading. And it's getting HOT IN TEXAS people.
Week 8 did offer a little reprieve since Greyson was in VBS for three days from 9-12. The time passed quickly, but I did squeeze in some power cleaning, a trip to Marshalls, and some relaxing time at my new favorite coffee shop in Plano.
I also hit up the Toms Warehouse Sale which was so much fun!
These wedges single-handedly made me ready for Fall.
He didn't want to leave the buggy at the church! NEITHER DID I.
Jeremie stayed home that Friday to hang out with the fam and it STORMED that morning. I personally stayed in my pj's till noon while Jeremie put together a train set that Greyson got for Christmas. We were hiding it in the attic for a rainy day.

Super curious about how we're gonna break this down so I can sweep the floor run the Roomba.
Fortunately the sun came out that afternoon so we could attend the Grand Opening of the Dairy Queen that opened around the corner.  A "Dairy Queen Date" was on the official bucket list.
We've been using the waffle maker a lot around here, so I figured I'd try my hand at the food faces. Who have I become. It was pretty cute. I should have done some Redi-Whip for hair. Dang.
On Saturday Jeremie helped us check another activity off our bucket list. We hit up the Frisco Commons, which has a splash pad and ADORABLE PARK. The splash pad was good, but our favorite is STILL Campbell-Green Park. 

BUT "Hope Park" is the CUTEST PARK I've ever seen. It's got a "Tot Lot" for the really little toddlers, a medium sized area for preschoolers, and then another play area for the big kids. It was super hot, but when the weather cools down, we'll definitely be here a lot!

And I'm pretty sure this didn't happen in Week 8, but I never posted the pics from when we made cupcakes. This was also on the bucket list and Greyson really liked it! And we definitely didn't mind licking from the bowl. ; )

If you're wondering, I plan to officially end the "Summer O Fun" on Friday, August 19th. That's the day of Greyson's open house (he goes to school one day a week), and I feel like I'll just be in back to school mode at that point. That also means that college football will begin the next Thursday night, and even though it'll still be 120 degrees in Texas for another month, football season means it's fall, right? Does that mean I can wear my wedges and burn the Pumpkin candle?

We have several things left on our list to squeeze into 3 1/2 weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing what all we manage to check off and what gets moved to next summer......

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