Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer O Fun Week 7

Summer O Fun continued last week in spite of a horrible sinus infection that I brought home from vacation. At this point, I guess the Summer O Fun goes on whether we like it or not. 

So Tuesday, Mr. Tinypants accompanied me to the doctor. Have you ever taken a child to your own doctor appointment? It's not what it used to be. Usually, I halfway enjoy going to the doctor because it's an excuse to ask Jeremie to watch Greyson and I can lay on the examine table and nap until the doctor comes in. At those times, the doctor can take ALL THE TIME SHE WANTS. Now I'm blowing up latex gloves and letting Greyson play with the model body parts (on this visit it was a vein) and letting him put his snack in the Urine Collection Container because YES. That's where the raisins just HAD to go.

On Wednesday I still wasn't 100% so we hit up Playstreet because it's a guaranteed place where G can wear himself out and I can just sit there and watch. 

I found him in one of the "camp houses" laid out on the cot. 

I feel ya buddy. 

I was still struggling on Thursday, so we tried a new indoor play place called The Coop. It was darling and had a fun ball pit with a slide and a great area play area for the little toddlers. G had a big time on the light up dance floor. We had a great time and will definitely be back.

My very own rhinestone cowboy.
He tried his hand a break dancing.
Friday our neighbors had us over for a pizza party so we wheeled down and had a big time. They have a little boy about a year older than Greyson so we (adults included) had a water balloon fight. They are great and it's nice to have friends so close.

Mr. Cool.
This week we also took some cupcakes to the Fire Dept. The Police Department is inundated with people bringing stuff right now, and we still owed the Fire Dept. a big THANK YOU. They remembered our fire (one actually mentioned grabbing the milk out of the fridge...little embarrassing) but they loved Greyson and let him play on the fire engine.  He hasn't stopped wearing the hat they gave him. 

Jeremie participated in his own Summer O Fun activities and took G to Cabela's on Sunday. That's their manly activity they do together. Greyson loves to play on the boats and ATV's. 

Doesn't he look SO BIG here? What happened to my baby?
That's it for Week 7! Next week we're off to Mississippi for some fun EAST of the river! 

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