Friday, March 10, 2017

Professional Development Day....SAHM Edition

Spring Break 2017 is going well in the great state of Mississippi. 

Before we left, I pre-planned a little Spring Break treat for myself.  Mama needed a haircut, some eyebrow work, and a little alone time.  So I proclaimed Wednesday, March 8th to be "Professional Development Day".  Because motherhood is a profession too.  One where your boss follows you to the bathroom. Anyway, I pretty much told my parents: "Here's the grandchild you begged me for", and said Peace Out. 

Professional Development Day began quite peacefully, as my mom got Greyson up and fed him breakfast....WHILE I STAYED IN BED.  Every mother's dream. 

First stop was the salon to see my dear friend Kayla.  We chatted, laughed and gossiped while she snipped away. It was like a scene off of Steel Magnolias.   

And here's the new and improved Mama. Doesn't a fresh haircut and some clean eyebrows make you feel like you can conquer the world. #igotthis

Then I decided to hit the darlin' little gift boutiques with ALL THE breakables that are completely toddler un-friendly. Walnut Square Pharmacy hit the mark perfectly.  

The shopping portion of the day continued at my FAVORITE store of all time, Dirt Cheap.  That's right. I come all the way from the Mecca of shopping to purchase a buggy full of clothes at a store called Dirt Cheap.  Y'all.  This is my best kept not-so-secret.  If you're my friend, there's no doubt I've told you about my "store in Mississippi" a bigillion times.  Because I would say 65% of my wardrobe comes from here.  This store buys liquidated products from all kinds of stores like Target, Gap, Belk, etc. and sells them at discounted prices.  

I ended up with some pajamas, a $1 top and THIS Ergo baby carrier that sells for $134 on Amazon....I got it for $40!!!!!  (P.S.  No, I'm not pregnant. I'm tucking it away for later.

While I was shopping, Jeremie text me and said he discovered that there is a DIRT CHEAP IN CARROLTON, TX!!!!!  This is 20 minutes down the road from me!  I looked on their website and there is also one coming in Allen, TX!!!!  I about hit the floor.  Life made.  If you like bargains, you HAVE to check out this store! Sometimes, it takes a little digging, but I love the challenge and it's all about the WIN ladies. 

Next stop for PDD was Cotton Blues, a super cute, Southern style restaurant.  Can I just say how GLORIOUS it was to eat a meal by myself?  I realize this makes me sound like I have a black heart, but Mamas, you understand.  The absence of crayons and monster trucks on the table was delightful. 

While I was eating my fancy grown-up lunch........

My parents were living the Happy Meal dream......

I stopped in a couple more stores before I decided it was time for the prodigal mother to return.  On the way back to the country, where my parents live, I caught the best sunset...the perfect ending to Professional Development Day.  

I came back feeling refreshed and renewed. Greyson does go to a Mother's Day Out, but I always feel like I have to get SOMETHING accomplished on those days.  Simply being out of town and away from home helped me relax. BIG thanks to the CC and Pop for taking care of the little guy.

I encourage all you Mamas to name and claim a PDD for yourself! Here's my personal tips for a successful Professional Development Day:

1) DON'T set out to accomplish ANYTHING...except relaxing.
2) Do something that makes you feel pretty.
3) Go somewhere you would NEVER take your toddler
4) Eat a meal by yourself
5) DON'T FEEL GUILTY. You work hard. Time to play hard. ; )

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