Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites!

HAPPY FRIDAY! It's gorgeous weather over here and the sunshine just is good for my soul. Today, I'm linking up with one of my favs, Narci,who is a host for this linkup! Feel free to grab the graphic, and share your Favorites too!  Here we go! 

1) Essential Oils-Y'all, I waited long enough to join the party. After my 17th sinus infection last (just kidding, but really, I did have about 5), I told my friend Shannon I was ready to purchase a kit. I am still an INFANT with this stuff, but OMG, if anything, I'm obsessed with diffusing the oils.  They smell SO GOOD and just make me take a big deep breath. I LOVE diffusing first thing in the morning during my quiet time. 

And raise your hand if your allergies are in FULL rebellion right now. This week mine have been driving me crazy.  So I've been diffusing some stuff that's good for allergies and also using the Thieves on my feet! I'm proud to say I haven't been to the doctor yet, and usually by now, that was where I typcially ended up after a week of allergies.  So here's to this new remedy! If you are interested in them, I'm sure my friend Shannon would love to help! She's super knowledgable!

2)  It STORMED here a few days ago, so we were hunkered down inside for the morning. And I must say, it was SO nice that the weather kept us in. Our weekdays are usually filled up, so I loved having an excuse to just be inside and play with G.  He is totally smitten with "Mom and Dad's BIG BED", and he loves to gather books and toys on it and climb up the "Mountain of Pillows".  At one point, I really just thought "these are the days".  

3) We are OFFICIALLY starting potty training tomorrow; kicking the morning off with a "Potty Party". I've got the Three Day Method PDF. The potty, the fun underwear, the stickers, the superhero underpants books, the Lysol spray, and the rewards basket. It's all ready.  Am I? NO. I am absolutely terrified. Now, I'm setting the bar LOW so I'm happy with ANY results.  Even my doctor told me: "There is NO such thing as potty training in 3 days". But I'm taking this woman's method and just doing intensive potty training for 3 days.  Hopefully that will start to get his head wrapped around it and we can go from there. 

I will say I had a blast putting together his treasure box. Seriously, if this won't make him potty train, I don't know what will. I guess if anything he'll have a heck of an Easter Basket. ; )  

I appreciate all prayers and advice. : ) 

4)  The Mississippi State Ladies Basketball team is in the FINAL FOUR! And the tournament is happening in DALLAS! We headed down to "Tourney Town" this morning at the American AirlinesCenter and had a blast! There were all types of games, competitions, and we even got a picture with the National Championship trophy. 

Greyson's "Aunt Meggie" (my BFF) sent him the most darling shirt just in time. She does the CUTEST stuff and can customize anything! Check out her Etsy store here!

5) So here's a fun one. Last night was the "standing appointment" with my home group girls at our favorite little Italian restaurant. For some reason, I was talking about the movie "Dirty Dancin" and my girl Melissa said "I love how you just drop the "g" at the end of every word. And I was like: "Well, the movie is called Dirty DANCIN." And they died y'all. I had to take to Google after dinner. And Google proved me wrong.  Due to my Southern drawl, I thought it was officially "Dirty Dancin" ALL. MY. LIFE. Mind blown.  

There it is. Plain as day.
Hope everyone has a great Friday! 

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  1. Stormy mornings when you're cuddled inside are the best! I have no potty training advice but I wish you lots of luck!!