Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with my usual for Friday Favorites! 

I just recapped February here and today we've been on planes, trains, and airplanes, so I don't have much to report, but here you go! 

1) Last week we had a little pizza party with our friends and I thought it was SO DARLING how they all "gathered round the table for their pizza and cupcakes. Now I've got my eye on this little table from Ikea. My friend Alaina even painted hers and lined with some cute wrapping paper and put acrylic pieces over it! SO CUTE! 

2) Time to get those legs short shorts ready!!!! Well, I'm 32, so not TOO SHORT. Anyway, I'm doing a Squat Challenge with my friend Shelley....and we text each other every day! Accountability is where it's at ladies.  I'm usually doing them in my slippers and pj's and I've been known to be eating a chocolate cookie between sets...but's SOMETHING.  Here's what we're going by if you wanna join in. 

3) I'm totally in love with these Noonday earrings. Like I wear them almost everyday.  Noonday is an awesome company, if you haven't heard of them, you should check them out.  

4) We flew to Mississippi today for SPRING BREAK 2017!!!  (Doesn't that make you envision wild Spring-breakers on Panama City?!)  I honestly impressed MYSELF with my toddler plane ride preparedness.  I went to the dollar aisle at target and wrapped individual hot wheels, stickers and other little gifts.  Every few minutes, I told Greyson I had him a "present" kept him happy and quiet the whole time!  Didn't even have to pull out the DVD player!  

This was his Monster Truck.....named "Grave Digger".  Guess I'll never get to have a tea party. 
5) We arrived in MS and my BFF picked me up at the airport.  And aside from the pants color, we were essentially twins. #winning #twinning 

And off we go to start our WILD spring break! 

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