Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Daily Habits

I bring you this blogpost from a beachside balcony! I'm listening to the waves crash while my little cherub is totally passed out from a long day! It's been the best! NOT the best is my internet connection, so I can't get to creative with pictures and such.  

Today I stumbled upon a great linkup called "10 on the 10th" via a darling blog called Tractors and Glam. (Don't you want to go read it solely for the name?!) Perfectly Port, another precious blog actually sponsors the linkup and has all types of fun topics to blog about on the 10th of each month! 

Today was "10 Daily Habits", so I thought I'd join!  It's hard to decipher what are "daily habits" versus "daily routine", so I'll try to stick with just random habits of mine, but I'm sure they'll run together!  

1) Quiet time/prayer: This has looked different throughout my life, and at times it was non-existent. I have started the intentional habit of getting up before my family for quite time.  It took some getting used to (because waking up BEFORE a baby never makes sense) but it is totally worth it, and I treasure that time. When I don't get it, I'm totally off! 

2) Making my bed: Another one that has been a non-existent "habit" for me most of my life.  I remember in college thinking how OBNOXIOUS it was to make your bed, because weren't you just gonna climb right back in it? Now, I feel like it's the ONE thing I CAN accomplish and control every day, and it makes me just feel better and makes our master bedroom look like adults live here. 

3) Moisturize: I'm just obsessed with good face moisturizer. I simply CANNOT make it through the day without moisturizing in the morning and at night before bed. I never, ever, go to sleep with makeup on. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to fall asleep. I love Bare Minerals Butter Drench (I would link, but...the internet speed...), and recently I've fallen in love with Clarins Hyrdra Essential. It smells really good and is super soft on your face. 

4) Shoes, please: I simply CANNOT be barefoot. It doesn't matter how clean my floor is, I just can't stand residue on my feet. Hence I am ALWAYS in flip flops or slippers even around the house. Jessica Simpson seems to design the cutest slippers, FYI. (Edit: I say this is a traipsed around the pool/lazy river/beach all day barefoot, but there was really no choice there. And yes, it grossed me out.

5) Take water to bed: I'm pretty sure this has been a daily habit since I could drink water. My mom would always bring me a glass of water when she'd tuck me in at night and I remember knowing she was on the way because I could here her walking down the hall with the ice clicking in the glass. (Thanks, Mom.) I can't imagine waking up in the middle of the night not having some water to hubby thinks this is odd, so I dunno...I guess this is a weird habit. 

6) Reading before bed: It doesn't matter how tired I am...I HAVE to read something, even if it's one page from a book, before I got to sleep.  The idea that you could just walk in your bedroom, crawl in the bed, and turn out the light, is so odd to me. 

7) Potty-ing IMMEDIATELY before bed: And after I finish said reading, I HAVE to get back up and potty LAST THING before I close my eyes.  Even if I really don't have to go! I've REALLY tried not doing this, but it bothers me so much that I finally just have to get up and go! 

8) Eye Mask: So I guess I have a lot of nighttime habits, and wearing an eye mask to sleep is one of them. I started this when we were newlyweds because our master bedroom had the BIGGEST WINDOW that was so bright in the morning, and I didn't wanna spend $$$ on blackouts. (This was also before we had children, so we could actually sleep until AFTER the sun came up.) Anyway, I can't stand any amount of light, which is comical because as I child, I was terrified of the dark and sleeping in my room by myself. Now I simply cannot fall asleep with my mask.

9) Singing "God is So Good" to Greyson: This became our nighttime lullaby since birth.  I have made up so many reasons/verses about why God is So Good, that I could put anyone to sleep. I think I've sang it SO MUCH at bedtime that I'm pretty much conditioned to start singing when the clock strikes 8:00.  Heck, sometimes, I think I'm singing it to myself at bedtime. I'm pretty sure Greyson is quite conditioned too, cuz once I start serenading him, he starts rubbing his head.  Lord, if he learns that in Sunday school, he's just gonna fall out on the floor. 

10) Daily To-Do List: I LOVE a list and CANNOT go through the day without making a list and checking it off. Even if there's nothing huge to accomplish or anything planned, I still put the minor things.  I think it helps me to look back and at least see what I HAVE accomplished that day, even if it is taking a shower or running the dishwasher! 

So there you go! That's 10 habits that I really do EVERY DAY! I'd love to hear yours! 

“How we spend our days, is of course how we spend our lives" ~ Annie Dillard

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