Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites: Beach Photos Edition!

HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL! WHEW! We made it y'all. We've had ourselves a super busy week (by choice, yes), and we are extra excited for Daddy to be off for the weekend!

As usual, I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites! You MUST stop by her blog, if anything to SWOON over her craft closet. I want to go NOW and by the door organizer! Just go look now!

Anyway, on Monday, I recapped our fabulous Beach Vacation...(you can catch up here!) We made some super fun memories in the pool, the condo, the CRAZY RIVER, the souvenir shops, the sand, and yes, even the Dollar General. But I was SUPER happy to capture some "official photos" of our whole fam all gussied up and together.

I'm pretty sure that we have ONE picture of the 8 of us and that was done with a self timer by the Christmas tree that didn't end so well.  So when we started planning a beach trip I immediately knew I wanted to do a family photo shoot.  I messaged my MIL and SIL, and low and behold, they were thinking the same thing.  My SIL is friends with a fabulous photographer, Michelle Taulbee, so without talking to our hubbies, we went ahead and booked it, and started planning our outfits. ; ) (Forgiveness is easier than permission sometimes, yes?)

I don't know about your hubby....but mine is usually a FANTASTIC sport about ALL THE THINGS...except taking pictures. Our last photo shoot was around 'Lil G's first birthday; he had just gotten his legs under him, so he was moving fast as lightning AND it was 120 degrees in October. We were so "smitten" with each other (and not in the cute way) by the time the shoot rolled around that I pretty much told Jeremie and Greyson that we were gonna smile and be happy and have a good time doing it, whether they liked it or not. (Sound about right?)

But from what I gather, no man loves taking pictures.  So we saved our little nugget of information. and told our men few days before the trip.  And pretty much threatened their lives if we heard any complaining. And they obeyed the rules.

In fact, I would beg to say that they actually enjoyed it. We were all relaxed from hanging out on the beach for a few days and the backdrop of Perdido Pass was absolutely gorgeous. The boys loved running around in the sand, and Michelle Taulbee Photography made us feel so relaxed and like ourselves! We did a few actual "poses", to make sure everyone was looking, but other than that, we really just walked along the beach while the camera was snapping away! These are my favorite family pictures of us to date! Here's a little sample!

My dear, dear Brother-in-law just couldn't resist a good photo bomb. If you look closely, you'll see his fake "Bubba teeth".  Fortunately, he quickly took them out so this will not be adorning my inlaws hallway on a photo canvas. 

This is my FAVORITE photo of Jeremie and I since our wedding. LOVE IT!

Aren't these two presh?! 

Look at those tough boys!

My SIL needs this on a canvas. Look at those two looking at each other....

Favorite picture of me and my boy!

And this is probably my favorite ever of my TWO boys! 
Aren't these all just darling?! I was SO EXCITED to have some fresh new pictures of our family! Michelle and her hubby, Trey, shoot everything from engagements, to weddings to family portraits, and even do Films, which are amazing! (Go check them out on the website!) They've been named one of Mobile's top 20 Wedding Photographers and featured in magazines and websites like The Knot! If you are headed to any part of the Emerald Coast, you should totally check them out! (Or I'm sure you could convince them come to the Big D!

In other randomness, IT'S HOT PEOPLE. It's officially turned that corner in Texas where a "breeze" just feels like a hot hairdryer blowing in your face.  It's not pleasant, it's not "sexy summer heat", it's just plain melt-your-makeup-fog-up-your-sunglasses miserable. Here's you some TRUTH.

I sorta needed a break from the whole swim diaper situation and holding down my toddler like a WFF wrestler to apply sunscreen, so we essentially have been hitting up every mall in the DFW area this week.  We've had a great time, so I'll update you all about our indoor fun on next weeks Summer 'O Fun post! 

Hope y'all have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS! 

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