Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Recap!

WHEW!!! June, you've been good to us. It's been a whirlwind and I don't think July is gonna slow down much more!  

I feel like Greyson has earned two promotions this month: 

1) Master of the Potty:  I'M SOOOOO excited to report that we have finally gained some ground on the #2 situation.  I can't remember the last time he had an accident to be honest. Thank goodness, because we were about to dip into our 401K to purchase more character underwear.  

2) Prince of the Pool: At the beginning of the month, we started swim lessons. And let me be honest when I say that it was the most money we've ever spent to watch our child cry for 30 minutes. I was like LORD HAVE MERCY is this for real?! But all the other moms kept encouraging me, and sure enough, about our 4th swim lesson in, Greyson decided he loved the teacher and loved the pool.  We have been visiting our friend's pool a lot this month, and this child is obsessed! He wants to go swimming every day! And he likes to pick out his own swim trunks. 

Anyway....here's the short of the long for June....

We kicked off the summer with some fun time in the sandbox with our buddy Preston. 

Later, Preston tried to play Superman by squeezing through the stair spindles and onto a landing that overlooks our foyer.  (Nine feet in the air). Fortunately, I walked into the living room because we knew they were too quiet and saw Preston perched up there like a little bird. So we calmly but urgently commenced Operation Save Preston's Life.  The ironic part is that WHILE this was happening Jorie and I were in the kitchen talking about the safety of the spindles in the house she's building and whether we think they are dangerous for the toddlers to get through. #clearly

The successful rescue earned them both suckers. #boylife
We kicked off our Summer O' Fun with a trip to the Heritage Farmstead Museum (they had firetrucks visiting, so DUH) and a Luau themed-Noonday Party

SOMEBODY was really into the "hula dancing"...
We checked out the Grand Opening of the new Legacy West...

Greyson loved the fountains that go to the music!
And of course started the infamous Swim Lessons..

In the mean time, I've been working my new gig with the Dallas and Collin County Moms Blog! SO FUN!

You can read all about our Summer O' Fun Week 1 here

The next day, we packed it up and headed to Mississippi! 

Mississippi was full of the usuals...family, food, tractors, trains, four-wheelers, etc. For an in-depth recap of our trip to Hospitality State, click here. ; ) 

Greyson came back wanting to be JUST LIKE POP. He put on his camo shirt and got to work on his tractor.  

We made it back just in time for Father's Day weekend. We took a trip to the Arboretum and Greyson's first movie experience, Cars 3! He did great and it was super cute.  Still love the original Cars movie the best! We missed MATER!

The Arboretum is the only place in Dallas you can get views like this! #myhappyplace
The Summer O' Fun Week 3 continued with more splash pads, swim lessons, and trips to the pool. I feel like I've mastered the beach bag packing and also gotten quite the start on my tan, so there's a extra little bonus!

We also celebrated my birthday with a trip to Legoland and Rainforest Cafe, which I adored. I don't know who was more delighted by the roaring tigers and gorillas beating their chests every 10 minutes. For Greyson it was sheer amazement and entertainment, and for us, it was the real opportunity to have a two-handed dining experience. Whoever came up with this strategy is definitely a parent. Thank you, Rainforest Cafe. I did twitch a little bit every time the waiters came out with a Volcano Cake obnoxiously singing Happy Birthday. Jeremie Wells would do it to me in a heartbeat. Good thing we already had cake at home.

We also had a little picnic and drill practice at the Cowboys Headquarters. 

And between all our outings we've had some super fun time at home playing. I know it sounds like we are super busy, but trust me, there's lots of hours in the day with a toddler, and we do spend a lot of them staying home in our jammies....

Watching Monster Trucks with Lambert...

Or reading the Bible with Lambert.....; ) 

OR putting on our fire gear and "oxygen masks" to play firefighter....

I can't tell you how many cats we've rescued from trees.....WHY IS THIS THE MOST COMMONLY PUBLICIZED FIRE FIREFIGHTER PROBLEM??? I'm pretty sure this is NOT the biggest concern of our hard-working Plano firemen. 
So June was a big hit and I can't believe it's already over. Even though the days and weeks are a little longer without Mother's Day Out and other activities, we are having the best time.  It just hit me that I get two more of these summers before this little dude goes to real school and that makes my heart skip a beat. After that, I'm guessing summers are a whole new ballgame. These are precious days.

This is pretty much how we all feel about June.
July is a BIG exciting month for us! Jeremie's company is launching after almost 21 months in the making! AND we are headed to the beach with my in-laws, so I couldn't be more excited about that! 

Clothes are being washed, bags are being packed, and outfits are being matched to color palettes for family photos! I've ALWAYS wanted to do a beach photo shoot!

I hope your Summer O'Fun is a blast and you are making some great memories too! 

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