Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Summer O' Fun Week 4

Hello and Happy Week FOUR! I can't believe it! We didn't knock out too much on our bucket list this past week because the Fourth of July holiday and shopping for our beach trip! 

Swim lessons were on the official bucket list and we wrapped those up last week.  Our teacher is doing some improvements to the pool and closed until August...which is fine, because we have quite a busy July coming up...

I was LOVIN' this little swim class full of ALL BOYS! Boys are just so hilarious to watch.

Greyson did great for his last few swim lessons and in the end, I'm SO glad we did them. I think this was the perfect age to start lessons, because he can actually remember and absorb what the teacher said. He still recites the little songs that go along with the skills and it certainly gave me some pointers on how to work with him over the summer!
Our big bucket list outing last week was the new public "pool", Jack Carter. This place is WAY more than a "pool" though, it's more like a water park! Look at the huge water slides and pool area!  

This is NOT what our rec pool looked like in my hometown!
There's also a lazy river, wave pool, and huge rock wall that you can climb up that has a diving board off of it.  Kinda like a high dive.  You can see it in the background here....

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12, they have Tot Time, and ONLY the little tot area is open. So the littles pretty much had free reign over the whole park.  It was amazing because it wasn't crowded and the tiny tots weren't getting run over by the big kids. (The park opens to everyone at noon.) 

The tot area is covered, Praise the Lawd, and it had some really fun little water features. 

Greyson was OBSESSED with this little slide.

The bathrooms are new and clean and there are several covered picnic tables.  I absolutely LOVED this place, and Greyson probably had the best time of all the splash pads/pools we've been to so far.  If you're local, you HAVE to check out Jack Carter!

Saturday we visited my dear friend and her little sweetheart. She's about a year younger than Greyson, but little miss stood her ground with her toys and they had a big time.  ; )

Tuesday was the Fourth of July, so we got all dolled up in our Red, White, and Blue and hit the parade in Downtown McKinney! 

I forgot to put down any Fourth activities on the bucket list, but this parade has been on my list of things to do for years! So we finally made it and it was adorable.  

I love that even though McKinney is quite a large and growing suburb, it just has a small town feel. Greyson loved the drums, cars, and of course...the tractor float. 

Afterwards, we went swimming at our neighbor's and had some watermelon and strawberry shortcake.  Last year, G did NOT care for the Cool Whip, but this year he was ALL IN! 

We enjoyed the extra family time this week....Jeremie's company OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED, so there's been some LONG days for Dad...which also means LONG days for Mama!

Looking forward to a sweet summertime trip soon though! Hope you're having a fabulous week and enjoying your Bucket List too!

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