Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites

Whew, people, it's FRIDAY and I'm so happy! Today, I'm still joining Friday Favorites, but linking up with another one of the fun hosts, Momfessionals, because she just has some SUPER fun stuff on her blog today! 

This week has been BUSY BUSY! One of those where you look at the calendar and your to-do list and you're like "Jesus take the wheel!!!!" Between continued potty training, unexplained toddler rash breakout, contractors working on the house, mother's day part at school, providing dinner for a ministry, and my new little J-O-B (I don't think I've mentioned), I'm am sorta wiped out! I feel like we've been 90 to nothin' all week long! Honestly, I don't know how you people do it with multiple kids!

That being said, while there were some favorite moments of the week, they probably wouldn't mean much to you! So I'm gonna take the backseat and let some Mom Memes do the talking for me today!

I've been telling Greyson that my name is actually "Katie" and Daddy's name is "Jeremie"...and this is truly how he looks at me!

Seriously, Jeremie makes fun of me for this! It's so true though! Mama needs a minute at the end of the day! Which is usually the busiest and most stressful time of the day! 

This couldn't be more true!!!! And I'm pretty sure this is in every season of parenting!!! You should hear me and J try to strategize about Greyson's potty situation. It's comical. You'd think we were bomb squad negotiators. And in reality...I think it just comes down to: "Do you feel lucky today?" HAHAHAHA!!!

So that's all I've got today! Hope y'all have a Happy Friday and great weekend!!!

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