Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Well, it's here Mamas. We have almost made it through the chaos of May and on the border of the school year finish line!

I'm still unpacking the book bag and all the 4,328 pieces of art work they sent home on the last day of Mother's Day Out. I'll admit, I was sad to have my routine slowly slip through my fingers as bible study and school ended. BUT, I am super excited to have the freedom from schedule and to start creating and executing the things on the 2017 "Summer O' Fun" List!

If you'll recall, last summer, I had the same "breathe into a paper bag moment" the day after school ended, but then I went all Operation Summertime, and with a quick mental switch, a free printable, and a banner (YES A BANNER), I quickly turned into the most excited summertime Mama you ever did see. (You can read all about that here.) I declared it the SUMMER O' FUN, and LISTEN. IT WAS SO FUN. We did parks, zoos, splash pads, service projects, aquariums, ice cream dates, indoor play places, backyard parties, cupcake baking, and everything in between! (I wish I knew how to link all my Summer O'Fun posts together, but if you just click on 2016 to the right, you can find all 13 weeks of recap under June, July and August!)

Don't get me wrong. There were still "admin" days at home. And there were certainly some days that the Summer-Magic Fairy forgot to sprinkle her dust on us. And yes, by August, I was over it and if smelled any more sunscreen I thought I might go off the deep end. BUT ultimately, it was the best summer I've had in a long time! And the Summer O' Fun list just gave me something to look forward to and by creating a variety of options (at home or outing type activities), I was never left sitting and wondering what we were gonna do that day! To give you an idea...here was last year's Bucket List:

I'm gonna do my best to recreate it this year! I noticed last year that several of my gals started joining in on the party, creating their own list, and sharing their GREAT ideas! This area is SO BIG that someone is CONSTANTLY telling me something/somewhere I don't know about! 

SOOOO.....that brought me to an idea! Let's put our heads and lists together and have a SUMMER O' FUN LAUNCH PARTY/PLAYDATE! You bring YOUR ideas, and I'll bring mine! We'll all leave with more fun things than we can squeeze into 13 weeks of SUMMER! 

The SUMMER O' FUN Launch Party and Playdate will take place at my new favorite: 
Jack Carter Playground on Wednesday, May 31st @ 10:00 a.m.
(Address for playground is 2800 Maumelle Dr. Plano, TX)

This is nothing fancy-just a chance for our kiddos to play while we load our arsenal with great ideas! This is also an OPEN invitation to anyone who is local! So if you're reading this, you're welcome to join us! 

Get your printable Summer O' Fun Bucket list here! After the playdate, I'll combine all the ideas and report back here! 

I can't wait! Hope to see y'all there!

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