Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites!

HAPPY FRIDAY MY FRIENDS!!! I'm doin' my usual link-up with Narci for Friday Favorites! Join in!

1) Outdoor dining! I think that Plano/DFW in general is finally catching on to the idea of creating a space for the kiddos to play while the parents take a little break......I shared Chips Hamburgers with y'all a couple weeks ago, which we have frequented almost every week since! We went with some friends last Friday, and excuse me, but doesn't this look like a little Plano magazine add???

Anyway, we found another outdoor dining/play area gem this week, called Hub Streat in Downtown Plano. It is adorable and so relaxing! They have an outdoor area, pool tables, food trucks, and "watering hole" if you will... ; ) Also a stage for live music, but on the day we went, it was just a stage for the kiddos to dance on!  

2) This week, Jeremie's grandparents celebrated 65 years of marriage. Y'all. Rest on that a minute. SIXTY-FIVE YEARS. We are rounding year 8 and we're like "WOW...marriage is hard." Ha! Child's play to them. 

J's grandparents' love, friendship, bond, and dedication to the Lord is incredible. We flooded their Facebook page this week with tributes of what they have passed down to ALL the generations of "fruit"....And of course, Jeremie had to reflect this in a costume. 

I'm pretty sure he NAILED IT. 

P.S. The suspenders and newsboy hat makes me want to dress Greyson up like a 1920's child every day. He was super into the suspenders the rest of the week. 

3) Speaking of dress-up, G has gotten super "vocal" about his wardrobe choices this week.  On this particular day, we were going to the splash we started with that. Then he found a cowbell, which made him think of Mississippi State...which made him think of his Dak Prescott jersey. I told him that Dak actually now plays for the Cowboys, which led to the cowboy boots....and then we got to packing our beach bag, and he found the floatie. So there you go. If Dak Prescott were a Caucasian Cowboy toddler going to the splash pad, this is exactly what he would look like! 

But I think that this would make Dak happy, because he is always smiling and happy and we love him!

4) Speaking of the SPLASH PAD! We took advantage of no schedule and joined a couple super fun playdates with the Dallas and Collin County Moms Blogs! (If you're local, you definitely need to check out their pages for summer events!

We made our FIRST splash pad trip of 2017....


And went to The Playdate Co. in Richardson, which was adorable and so fun!

This is sweet little Ford. He and Greyson were born on the same day, at the same hospital, and funny enough, his Mom's name is Kate. We knew "of" them when they were born (Jeremie was in a bible study Kate's dad was doing).  But we officially met as we were being rolled in wheelchairs into the elevators to take these little guys home! Now the boys go to the same preschool! And listen-they were two peas in a pod with all their tools at The Playdate Co! They followed each other around everywhere! 

5) And SPEAKING OF PLAYDATES! If you missed this post on Tuesday, be informed that you are invited to a SUMMER O' FUN playdate on Wednesday! This is a "come one come all" playdate! If you're local, feel free to join us as we swap summer ideas and let the kids play! Can't wait!

SUMMER O' FUN Launch Party and Playdate
Jack Carter Playground on Wednesday, May 31st @ 10:00 a.m.
(Address for playground is 2800 Maumelle Dr. Plano, TX)

You can download and print your own SUMMER O' FUN Bucket List here!


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  1. Wow, 65 years of marriage is incredible!! Love the puddle jumper/jersey combo!