Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Must Reads!

Happiest of MONDAYS to YOU! We're doin' the Monday routine grind...laundry, dishes, hosing down the sandbox, etc. We did get out of the house a few minutes and hit a great new park with some friends because it was just too beautiful outside today! It's warm again, and I'm always shocked lately when I wake up, because we've had more of a winter in the last 3 weeks than we've had all WINTER. If that makes sense. Well, it doesn't.  

Anyway, last month I shared some some of my favorite blog posts that I've read, so I thought I'd do that again! I just love that across many miles or maybe without even knowing each other, there are other mamas that are writing EXACTLY what I'm thinking and feeling sometimes! 

I think that the title themselves speak for themselves! Happy reading!

In honor of Mother's Day.... 

This was my contribution this month to Collin County Mom's Blog:

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