Saturday, May 6, 2017

This Little Boy of Mine

Thursday was Greyson's "Mother's Day Tea" at school. If I had to be honest, I kinda grit my teeth when that told us that the tea began 45 minutes before normal pickup time, which essentially just shaved over an hour off the 5 precious ones that I get to accomplish things without Monster Trucks rolling across my keyboard or the constant request for "fig bars". (We live and die by fig bars people.)

But of course, I made it happen and squeezed in a meeting, some emails, a grocery store run, and about 30 minutes of retail therapy before changing IN THE CAR (they requested we wear a dress). And of course the moment I walked in, Lil G ran into my arms and it was all more than worth it.  I'm pretty sure the fact that he finally got to eat a cookie of the treat table had something to do with it, but regardless, there's no where else I'd rather be. 

I'll be honest though, the tea was 45 minutes of sheer crazy. There were cookies being shoved down, squeezables being squeezed, juice being spilled, and a couple of emergency potty breaks on our part. G was climbing on me like a jungle gym while I tried to tactfully wear my dress. Because of the party, nap time was minimal, so we were pretty much one monkey short of a zoo. 

This kids presented us with the most adorable gifts though. The little laminated picture on the right said "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." Y'all. I knew I would love whatever fingerprinted, fuzzy pipe cleaner craft he made, but this one really made me tear up. I know it's a worn out quote, but it's always been one of my favorites. And it came at a perfect time for me in what has seemed like a season of inadequacy. The things that I do for Lil G may seem mundane and unnoticed, but really-taking care of his needs IS his world. So that made Mama's heart full.

Greyson's teachers have been little angels for me this year. They LOVE him like their own and have been so supportive, encouraging and forgiving to clean up MANY MANY messes during potty training. 

G loves to take selfies and say "CHEESE!" I hope he never tires of taking pictures with his mama.

Once I wrangled the little bobcat out and got him pinned down in the carseat, I took a deep breath on the way home. And turned around to see this. G was OUT. It was like he spent his last bit of energy putting on his Mother's Day show for me, and goodness, my heart just about exploded. I'm tearing up as I even type. Even though he's so little and young, I just love seeing his personality develop.  He loves BIG and is so SURE of himself like his Daddy. He is sensitive and chatty like his Mama. He gives life everything he's got. And then he passes out from the sheer exhaustion of it all.

Most days ARE sheer crazy...full of monster truck, and loud requests, and a few tears and lots of correction. To be honest, sometimes I forget what a gift from the Lord he his. I get lost in all the car seat straps and the goldfish crumbs and the multiple trips to the potty.  

But when I looked at that resting little face all I could think about is that I hope he runs after the Lord with as much fervor as he does the rest of life. I pray that his little heart understands early on that God's love is inexhaustible. That he uses all his attributes and talents to serve God and others. I don't know exactly what this will look like and that's part of the excitement in my heart. 

As I go into Mother's Day week, may I remember and celebrate the gift of my child and motherhood! (And maybe even take a little nap when he does!)

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